Team Relentless [TR] 120 - 126

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Team Relentless [TR] 120 - 126 Empty Team Relentless [TR] 120 - 126

Post  gafgadfgdfagdfg on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:11 am

Team Relentless [TR] 120 - 126

Bank worth:
Do u have proper hybrid gear:
If u lose ur max mage can u regear fast to hybrid gear again?:
Stats: Attack Strength Defence Prayer Magic Ranged, Fill out in spaces or just type I'm maxed.

Members list :

Founder : Call 911
Co-Founders : Empty
Warlords : Empty
Leaders : Empty
Members : Empty
Trial Members : Empty

Rules :

1. No backstabbing people.
2. Don't attack team members.
3. Do not pick stuff until u get allowed by *co-founder* or *founder*.

4. Do not attack opponents until u get allowed by *co-founder* or *founder*.

Hope you will join and don't forget to follow the rules and the application format.


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But organizing a Clan fight with " [TI] - TrollingFury.


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